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淮南市 2015-2016 第一学期期终教学质量检测
I. 关键词语选择(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)
1. The movie ticket cost him 20 yuan.
2. Tom gets a letter from his pen pal every month.
3. We went across a busy road and arrived at a supermarket.
4. There is a stamp collection show in the museum this afternoon.
5. I feel like a bird when I’m trying paragliding.
6. M: Lily, you are taller than Tina, aren’t you?
W: Yes. But Tara is taller than me.
7. M: Will you come to my birthday party? My home address is No.61, Fifth Street.
W: Yes, I will. I live nearby.
8. M: How was your holiday in Hong Kong, May?
W: It was great. I had a great time in Disneyland.
9. W: Will you take part in the school concert next week, Jack?
M: Yes, I’m practicing singing all day.
10. M: Hi, Phoebe. Is this pen yours?
W: Hi, Jack. No, it’s Linda’s .
M: Where did you go on vacation, Jessica?
W: I just stayed at home. What about you?
M: I visited my uncle.
W: Where does your uncle live?
M: He is in London now.
M: Amy, What’s the matter with you?
W: I caught a cold, Mr. Green.
M: I’m sorry to hear that. Did you see a doctor?
W: No, I took some medicine just now.
M: You can go home now if you feel bad.
W: Thanks, Mr. Green.
M: Have a good rest.
W: Ok, I will.
Betty is an American school girl. She is happy because her parents will take her to China for a visit. They are going to fly from New York on June 30 th and get to Beijing on July 1 st . They will stay at a hotel. Their Chinese friends will show them around Beijing. They are going to visit the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall. They will also visit some Chinese homes and try some Chinese food. They will spend a week in Beijing and then go to Xi’an and some other places for sightseeing. The journey will last for three weeks and she is sure she will have a great time in China.

听力部分(共四大题,满分20 分)
1-5   CABCC           6-10 CBBAC      11-15 BAACB
16-20  CABAB

第二部分 笔试部分 (共六大题,满分30 分)
21-25  BCABC             26-30   CDDCC           31-35   ACDCD

VI. 完形填空:(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
36-40  CDACD             41-45  ABCBB

46-50 CADBF

51-55  BCADB      56-60   BCABC     61-65  BACDB

IX. 单词拼写:(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)
66. celebrate     67. without       68. solve     69. yourselves
70. replied

X. 根据所给的汉语意思,完成下列句子。(共五小题,每小题1分, 满分5分)
71. Will, be          72. looking forward          73. Because of           74. famous for
75. prepare for

XI. 书面表达:(共1小题;满分10分)


淮南市 2015 2016 学年度第一学期期末教学质量检测


1~5:BDDCB  6~10:ACCDA    11~15:ABDCA
16、(1) 北京      (2) 上海     (3) 南京     (4) 西安
交通工具的变化 通讯工具的变化 文化生活的变化 社会习俗的变化
电报、电话等 照相、电影、报纸等 剪辫、易服、废止缠足等
三、 辨析改错(满分8分)
(4)①林彪或罗荣桓;(2分) ②东北解放军(野战军)和华北解放军(野战军);(2分)③淮海战役。(2分)
21、(1)①鸦 www.dearedu.com 片战争(2分)②甲午中日战争(2分)③义和团运动;(2分)
(2)①“上海轮船招商局”改为“福州船政局”;(2分) ②“封建统治”改为“封建帝制”;(2分) ③“自由”改为“科学”;(2分)


第一部分 听力(共两节,满分20 分)
1-5 BCBAC   6-10 CABBA   11-15 BCBAC   16-20ACBCA

第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分30 分)
21-25 DCACB   26-30 ADCBA   31-35 FBEAC

第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分30 分)
第一节 完形填空(共20 小题;每小题1 分,满分20 分)
36-40 ADDDA   41-45 CCACB   46-50 DAABC   51-55 DCBCA

第二节 短文填空(共10 小题;每小题1 分,满分10 分)
56. from         57. chose       58. what     59. it           60. illegal
61. importance    62. Writing      63. an       64. produce     65. exactly

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分20 分)
第一节 短文改错(共10 小题;每小题1 分,满分10 分)

My favourite teacher is my geography teacher. He is an old gentlemen . He is tall
and thin, and wear glasses. He enjoys teaching or loves his students. He comes to school
wears                      and
very early in ∧ morning and sometimes stays long after school has finish . He seems to
加the                                        finished
know nothing about geography and is always telling us interested facts. He talks in a
everything                               interesting
very much slow but humourous tone and nobody falls asleep in his class. He is very
kind and nice but is also strictly so we had to make sure we work hard.
strict       have

第二节 书面表达(满分10 分)
With the development of society, the family income is on the increase, and the students have more pocket money.
But as you see, some students spend money as water. As a result, too much snacks can often be found in a bad effect on their learning. Besides, many students have more electronic products, such as MP4, mobile phones and so on. Of course, this makes their lives colorful and various, but to a great extent, their normal study can also be affected. What’s more, more students count for famous brands of the clothes and shoes. Even worse, many students often compare themselves with higher in consuming, which, I think, not only wastes too much money, but also is bad for the growth of the students.
Obviously, I am against splashing money. To earn the bread, they work hard day and night, so we must not waste money.

Text 1
M: You have never met Peter before, have you?
W: Yes, I have.

Text 2
M: Hi, Jane, where are you from?
W: I’m from Paris.

Text 3
M: I want to learn English through “Follow Me”.
W: That’s easy. Just turn on the TV at 18:10, Channel 8.

Text 4
M: We can’t watch two programmes on one TV.
W: Why not buy another TV, not a radio, and put it in another room?

Text 5
M: Excuse me, can I borrow the book named “Gone with the Wind”?
W: Yes, of course. But you can only keep it for two weeks.

Text 6
M: I beg your pardon?
W: I ask if you are a native of Taiwan
M: Please speak a little more slowly?
W: All right. Are you a native of Taiwan?
M: I’m sorry, but what is the meaning of “native”?
W: Is Taiwan your hometown?
M: Oh, now I understand. Yes, I was born and brought up in Taiwan.

Text 7
W: Excuse me, Mr Benson. Can I talk to you for a minute?
M: Sure, Mary. What can I help you with?
W: I’m really having problems learning English. I do all my work and come to class, but I’m not making much progress. What do you think I ought to do?
M: Maybe it’s a little harder for you to learn English, but you are improving . Do you spend much time with Americans ?
W: No, not really.
M: Why don’t you try and make an effort? Maybe you could join a club at school. Another thing I’d like to recommend is not waiting for Americans to invite you somewhere. There’s nothing wrong with calling up someone you’ve met and asking them to go somewhere.
W: Those are good ideas. Thank you very much.

Text 8
W: Excuse me. Can you help me, please? I’m a new student and I want to take some English classes.
M: So do I.
W: Oh! Are you a foreign student, too?
M: Yes. I’m Swedish. You’re Spanish, aren’t you?
W: No. I speak Spanish, but I come from Columbia.
M: There is a notice board over there. That may tell us which room we should go to.
W: Oh, good idea! “Room 110, New Students”, we are both new students, right?
M: Yes, you’re right…No, wait a minute. What about “Room 290, English Language”? Is that the place we should go?
W: Look, further down, near the bottom… “Room 310, English for Foreign New and Old Students”.
M: That sounds right.
W: I think that’s it.
M: OK. Let’s go to Room 310 . By the way, my name is Carl, Carl Lindstrom.
W: I’m Rose, Rose Morello.
M: I’m glad to meet you, Rose.
W: So am I, Carl.

Text 9
W: Frank, what’s your hobby?
M: I don’t really have one. I suppose that bowling is the closest thing to a hobby that I have.
W: How about the other people in your family?
M: Well my brother likes playing basketball and my sister likes collecting stamps . She spends quite a lot of time hunting for new ones. How about you?
W: I have several hobbies but roller-skating is the one I like best . I also like collecting coins. I have coins from almost every country in the world. My favourite one is from China.
M: Have you been to China ?
W: I want to someday. So far I’ve been to Canada, Mexico and Japan.

Text 10
America is a huge country, but traveling there is really very quick and easy . When you are paying a visit to the United States and want to see as much of the country as possible, you should travel by bus. There is fast bus service between cities, for example, the Greyhound Bus Service. All of its buses have a picture of a dog on the side. Some buses have upper and lower storeys. The roof of the bus is often made of glass. In the summer the heat of the sun will get in through the glass and you may feel too hot. Although the buses are cooled by air-conditioner, it doesn’t always work well because the sunshine on the top storey is too terrible. The seats are very soft. Over each seat there is a reading lamp. On the long-distance buses there is a toilet and other comforts on board. On a long-distance journey, stops are made for meals at roadside restaurants. You can have enough time to stretch your legs and have a taste of typical local food. It takes three and a half days to cross America by bus with short stops for meals. Anyhow, many people, especially tourists, like to take a bus around the country. If you have opportunities to visit America, don’t forget to try a bus.

题号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
答案 A A C B B B A B D D C C
题号 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
答案 B D D C C D C A B B D C
26、(1) 一方面提倡文化,重视教育;另一方面又大兴"文字狱",推行文化专制政策。(4分)
(2) 制定联邦宪法。(2分)确立“制约与平衡”的原则,避免绝对权力的出现;调和中央与地方、大州与小州、南方与北方之间的矛盾。(2分)